About the Timeshare Law Library

The Timeshare Law Library is a curated index of case summaries, postures, complaints, orders, briefs, transcripts and critical events of lawsuits in the industry. The library only includes coverage of the most relevant timeshare cases, ones with the most impact on litigation.

This is a resource created by attorneys to help other attorneys. In addition to the timeshare case reviews and details you’ll find timely news to keep on top of the latest developments that can impact timeshare litigation. Browse the Timeshare Library to find the golden nuggets that make a difference.

About the Organization

The Library is a Public Benefit Corporation or PBC. What is a PBC? In addition to the standard fiduciary responsibilities to stakeholders, a PBC company also carries a charter and responsibility to create a public benefit. This repository of important news and timeshare lawsuit case reviews is the culmination of many years of experience and litigation. 

The Roadmap

While we continue to create high quality news and lawsuit case reviews we are also actively inviting new sponsors, collaborators, and partners. The first phase of the creation of The TLL is to develop the information resource. The next stage of evolution is geared to creating community to share knowledge and provide a platform for discussion and discourse.

Keep your eye on this space to see how we expand. Use the contact form to reach out about opportunities to help build or contribute to the development of the Timeshare Law Library. And to have the latest news and lawsuit case review delivered to you, use the form at the bottom of the page.


The Founder, Panda Kroll, Esq.

Panda’s legal career and love for litigation started with a position in the appellate court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as a research clerk.

Her focus for the past decade has been representing several timeshare exit companies who collectively have assisted over 100,000 individual timeshare owners free themselves from oppressive “in perpetuity” contracts — obtaining settlements and favorable judicial orders when the timeshare developers sued the exit companies.

Since 2017 she has served as national coordinator/cumis counsel for the leading timeshare exit company in its defense of federal litigation brought by timeshare developers in three states; California, Florida, and Nevada.

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