Hilton Resorts v Mitchell Sussman, Esq

Case Number: 6:19-cv-00305

Last Updated: June 5, 2021




USDC, Middle District of FL (Orlando)

Presiding Judge

Judge Paul G. Byron

Date Filed




Plaintiffs: Hilton Resorts Corporation, LV Tower 52, LLC, Tuscany Village Vacation Suites Owners Associations, Inc., Orlando Vacation Suites II Condominium Association, Inc., LV Tower 52 Condominium Association, Inc., Las Vegas Boulevard Vacation Suites Owners Association, Inc., Las Vegas Vacation Suites Owners Association, Inc., HTLV Owners Association, Inc., KT Vacation Owners Association, Inc.

Plaintiffs’ counsel: Jeffrey Aaron Backman, Richard W. Epstein of Greenspoon Marder, PA – Corporate; Roy Taub, Greenspoon Marder, PA

Defendant: Mitchell Reed Sussman, 

Defendant’s counsel: John Joseph Bennett, Nardella & Nardella, PLLC; Leslie Jean Benjamin, Law Offices of Mitchell Reed Sussman; Michael A. Nardella, Nardella & Nardella, PLLC

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