Westgate v Mitchell Sussman, Esq

Case Number: 6:17-cv-01467

Last Updated: June 5, 2021


Settled on the eve of bench trial on FDUPTA claim after tortious interference claims voluntarily dismissed.


Middle District of Florida (Orlando)

Presiding Judge

Judge Roy B. Dalton, Jr.

Date Filed



Significant orders on admissibility of circumstantial evidence of causation of non-testifying witnesses’ loan defaults; briefing on FDUPTA attorney fees; motions in limine; and pre-trial transcripts.

Case Posture

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Operative Complaint

Critical Orders

Critical Briefs


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Plaintiffs: Westgate Resorts, Ltd., Westgate Resorts, Inc., Westgate Vacation Villas, LLC, Westgate Lakes, LLC, Westgate Blue Tree Orlando, Ltd., Blue Tree LBV, LLC, Westgate GV at the Woods, LLC, Westgate Towers, LLC, Westgate Flamingo Bay, L.L.C., Westgate Myrtle Beach, LLC, Westgate Palace, LLC, Westgate RVS Orlando, LLC, Westgate Vacation Villas Owners Association, Inc., Club Orlando Vacation Resort Owners Association, Inc., Westgate Lakes Owners Association, Inc., Westgate Towers Owners Association, Inc., Westgate Town Center Owners Association, Inc., Westgate Towers North Owners Association, Inc., Westgate Blue Tree Resort Owners Association, Inc., Westgate Palace Owners Association, Inc., Westgate South Beach Owners Association, Inc., Westgate Smoky Mountain Resort at Gatlinburg, Owners Association, Inc., Westgate Flamingo Bay, Las Vegas Owners Association, Inc., Westgate Historic Williamsburg, Owners Association, Inc., Westgate Park City Resort & Spa, Owners Association, Inc., RVS-Orlando II Condominium Association, Inc., Westgate Myrtle Beach Ocean Front Owners Association, Inc., Cedar Ridge at the Woods Condominium Owners Association, Inc., Grand Vista at Emerald Point Condominium Owner’s Association, Inc., Painted Mountain Golf Villas Condominium Association, Inc., Central Florida Investments, Inc., Blue Tree Resort at Lake Buena Vista Condominium Association, Inc., Westgate GV at Emerald Pointe, LLC, Westgate GV at Painted Mountain, LLC, Logger’s Pointe at the Woods Condominium

Property Owners Association, Inc., Westgate Las Vegas Resort, LLC, Westgate Las Vegas Resort Owners Association, Inc., RVS-Orlando A Condominium Association, Inc., Westgate South Beach, LLC

Plaintiffs’ counsel: Jeffrey Aaron Backman, Richard W. Epstein, Benjamin Eliot New of Greenspoon Marder, PA – Corporate; Michael E. Marder, Greenspoon Marder, PA; Thu Pham, Fishback Dominick

Defendant:  Mitchell Reed Sussman, Mitchell Reed Sussman & Associates

Defendant’s counsel: Clay Holden Coward, Wicker, Krista Nicole Cammack, Peter Bartoszek, Richards H. Ford of Smith, O’Hara, McCoy & Ford, PA; Joshua S Smith, Cole, Scott & Kissane, PA – Tampa; Michael John McGirney, Cory Lee Chandler, George M. Vinci , Jr. of Spector, Gadon & Rosen, PC; Christopher Guppenberger, Colling Gilbert Wright & Carter

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