Clark et al v WorldMark, The Club et al

Case Number: 1:18-cv-01661

Last Updated: May 11, 2021


Voluntarily dismissed.


USDC – Eastern District of California – Live System (Fresno)

Presiding Judge

Magistrate Judge Jennifer L. Thurston

Date Filed



Case Posture


In Clark v Wyndham, timeshare owners Terina and Bryan Clark, represented by US Consumer Attorneys, have brought a lawsuit on behalf of themselves and the general public, claiming that Wyndham violated California’s Unfair Competition Law when Wyndham sold them and financed for them real property interests without the requisite real estate license.

Selected Events:

M2D granted in part denied in part dismissed: Timeshare Act 

surviving:  UCL re violation of non-licensed agents selling RE


Plaintiffs: Terina Clark, Bryan Clark

Plaintiffs’ counsel: Robert D. Bedinger, Ashton B. Inniss of US Consumer Attorneys, P.A.


Defendant:  WorldMark, The Club; Wyndham Resort Development Corporation; Wyndham Vacation Ownership, Inc.

Defendant’s counsel: Elizabeth Marie Treckler, Michael R. Matthias of Baker & Hostetler LLP

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